Parade Float Ideas for Beauty Salons

beauty salon #4 image by Adam Borkowski from

Whether you use your parade float to advertise your business, express your creativity or show support for your community, you want it to stand out from the rest. Use your knowledge of aesthetics to create a stunning float. Design one that captures the spirit of the parade and showcases your talents. A beauty salon float should reflect your shop's image.

Salon Style

Use the parade route to show the style of your salon. After wrapping the base of the trailer with festooning and fringe, create a salon scene on the deck. Use at least one hair-cutting station, one wash sink and a hood-dryer. Adding a mani-pedi station and potted plants or trees will make it seem even more realistic. Have your stylists perform their services on each other or actual clients while en route.

Show your Shears

Cut giant shears out of large cardboard boxes. Wrap them in tinfoil, and attach them to the trailer (or top of a car or truck bed). Some design options include alternating tips open and closed or tips up and tips down. You could use the cutting shears as a railing and line them up along the edges. The shears could be mechanical and made to open and close throughout the route. Stick with a bold but basic color theme on the float, and the metallic silver shears will stand out.

A Day at the Spa

Dress your parade performers as if they are enjoying a day at the spa. Dress them in white robes, tie their hair back with white towels, cover their faces with colored face masks, and place cucumber slices over their eyes. The float could be covered in white for an aesthetic look, or a calming shade of blue. Do not use too many props, but a few beds or reclining chairs for the performers to rest on would add appeal. Display your salon's name and logo in large, black, bold letters along the sides and back of the float.