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Pampered Chef Game Ideas

A game helps Pampered Chef party guests get to know each other.
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The Pampered Chef, headquartered in Addison, Illinois, is a national company that provides a business opportunity for you to interact with other people through a direct selling campaign. You involve the guests in a cooking demonstration, using Pampered Chef utensils, that results in tasty meals that cost less than $2 per person to make. A festive atmosphere is desired to promote camaraderie and sales. As a demonstrator, you must set the mood of the home party and get the guests to relax. Playing games breaks the ice and gets everyone in a festive mood.

Right Left Right Door Prize

A game you play to dispense door prizes is called Right Left Right, in which all the guests have a chance to earn the selected door prize. Seal the prize in a paper bag or even wrap it up as a present. Hand it to the hostess and explain that as you say the words, Right or Left, she must hand the package off in the direction you called. The recipient must do the same. At the end of the story, the last guest holding the prize wins. Once everyone understands the rule, recite a story about the Right Family. It is best if you have a story prepared. For instance, Mrs. Right was on her way to a Pampered Chef party when she realized she left her purse right beside the front door. Mr. Right and the children had left for the movies so Mrs. Right needed to turn left and go back for the purse. The roads were all one-way streets and Mrs. Right could not make a left turn. For a large crowd, use two prizes or create a long story.

The Price Is Right

Choose several of The Pampered Chef products that are inexpensive and set them on the table. Write the price of each item on an index card and set the card face down in front of the item. Choose two guests and give them a price range to match, using the displayed products, without going over the final price. For example, four items on the table vary in price from $4 to $12 and the price range is $65 to $72. The guests must decide how many of each product to buy for the total to reach $65 but not go over $72. If she is successful, allow the guest to choose a door prize from the displayed items.

Pampered Chef Word Game

Distribute pencils and paper to the guests, with the words The Pampered Chef written at the top of the paper. Your guests have 2 minutes to use the letters to form as many words as possible. Award points for each word, but subtract points for misspelled words. Award points for the longest word and the most unique word. You may want to have a dictionary handy for this game. The guest with the most points wins the prize.

Trivia Questionnaire

A good way to educate your guests and display your knowledge of the company is to play a short game of trivia. Create a list of simple questions about The Pampered Chef and the hostess throwing the party. Ask questions such as "What types of products does The Pampered Chef carry?" or "What is your hostesses' middle name?" Award points for the most correct answer and let the winner choose a prize from a prize basket.

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