No Sew Crafts for Seniors

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Finding easy crafts for the senior in your life can have many benefits. Crafting helps seniors maintain their dexterity, exercise their minds and reduce boredom. There are many good senior crafts you can try with elderly family members, friends or patients. You can find no sew crafts that are age-appropriate for seniors, and often they are tailored to accommodate individual limitations.


Scrapbooking is a good craft for seniors because it can be adapted for many levels. Seniors who have limited dexterity or diminished mental capacity can make their scrapbook very simple using only glue, stickers and scrapbook paper. Seniors who still have sharp mental acuity can perform more advanced scrapbook techniques with stencils, cut-outs and image transfers. Use photos your senior already has or take new photos on a day trip or vacation. Use a disposable camera if needed. This combines the hobby of photography with the craft of scrapbooking.

No Stitch Sewing

Sewing can become difficult as a person ages, but you can still make fabric crafts with adhesives such as fabric glue or liquid seam. For instance, you can cut fabric for a decorative pillow and use the adhesive to put it together rather than using a needle and thread.

Using Clay

Senior crafters can make decorative items like vases and ornaments, as well as useful items like bookmarks and pencil holders using polymer clay. Polymer clay is good for senior crafts because a person of any skill level can mold it and cure it in a traditional home oven.

Making Mosaics

Seniors can make mosaics to give as gifts or to decorate their own space. Select items such as seashells, ceramic tiles, buttons and candy, then use grout for more complex mosaics or hot glue to simplify the process. Decorate frames, jewelry boxes, paperweights, pencil holders and other similar items to make a mosaic masterpiece.


Painting is another no sew senior craft. Seniors can paint on canvas or watercolor paper or use sponge paints. For another simple project, paint birdhouses, jewelry boxes or wooden plaques with craft paint.

Soap Making

Soap making may seem complicated, but it isn't if you use the melt-and-pour method. This is a good senior craft because all you have to do is melt blocks of pre-made soap and pour the melted soap into soap molds. You can melt the soap in the microwave or a saucepan. For variety, let the participating seniors add color, fragrance, bath salts or herbs to their soap.