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My Sony PS3 Freezes While Streaming Netflix

The Netflix application can be accessed in the
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The Netflix application lets PlayStation 3 owners stream movies and television shows directly to their television through their PS3 system. Since this content is streamed over the Internet, you may run into freezing issues from time to time while streaming Netflix. A number of factors may cause these freezing issues, each of which can be addressed rather easily.

Internet Lag

One of the factors that may cause the Netflix application to freeze is the quality of your Internet connection. If you have multiple devices connected to your network, or if you are running a bandwidth-intensive application on a device connected to your network, your Internet connection may be overloaded, thus causing the streaming issues. Also, if you have your PS3 connected to the Internet via a wireless connection, you may experience similar issues. For the best results, disconnect any other devices from your network and connect your PS3 to the Internet via a wired connection.


When a video streams over the Internet, that video must buffer in order to play without interruption. If the video you are streaming has not buffered completely, the video may freeze and jump as it attempts to load. To fix this issue, press the "X" button on the PS3's controller to pause the video. Wait several minutes for the video to buffer and press the "X" button a second time to begin playing the video. If the video has buffered, it will play without freezing.

Application Issues

Sometimes, the Netflix application on your system may experience issues that lead to freezing while streaming. Generally, when this happens, you cannot play, rewind or fast forward the video being streamed. You can take several steps to fix the issue if you think the application is to blame. First, press the "Square" button to return to the application's main menu. Then, select the video that you want to play to begin streaming. If you still experience issues, press the "PS Home" button on the controller and select the "Quit Game" option to quit the application. If, upon restarting Netflix you still experience issues, restart the entire PS3 system.

Netflix Issues

Other times, the issue may have nothing to do with your Internet connection, buffer status or Netflix application. Instead, the issue may lie on Netflix's end. While there is nothing that you can do if Netflix is responsible for the issue, you can call its support number to find out what is going on. The Netflix customer service number is 1 (888) 811-1933, and help is available around the clock.

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