How to Make a Spy Phone

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A spy phone allows you to eavesdrop in on conversations that you are not a part of. This can be useful if you want to know what your kids or your spouse are up to when you aren't around. If you know how, you can convert most mobile phones into a spy phone, completely for free. This will keep you from having to spend hundreds of dollars on bugging equipment. However, make sure that you only use your bugging device on a property you own, otherwise you may be breaking the law.

Turn your phone on and open the “Main Menu.” Scroll to the ”Settings” and go to “Profile Settings.” Scroll to the "Silent Mode."

Go back to the “Main Menu,” go to “Settings,” select “Call Settings,” then select "Automatic Answer."

Plug the earphone headset into the bottom of your phone. You can use this to extend the listening capabilities of the phone. Some phones will only work with automatic answer when the earphone headset is plugged in.

Place your mobile phone in the area that you believe your targets will be conversing. You can choose to hide it or leave it in plain sight. If a cell phone lying on a table is common in your household, then it is not likely to arouse suspicion.

Call the mobile phone using another phone when the people you wish to listen to walk into the area. You can now listen to their conversation.