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How to Install the Madden Roster From a Flash USB to a PS3

Madden NFL is a game series developed by EA Sports. Roster updates are periodically released for Madden games. These updates can be installed on a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) via direct download from the Web to the PS3. Alternatively, roster updates can also be downloaded to your computer and transferred to the PS3 via a USB flash drive. To properly transfer the roster update files from the flash drive to the PS3, the roster update files must be saved in a specific way to the flash drive.

Download and save the Madden Roster file to the computer’s desktop.

Plug a flash drive into an unused USB port on your computer.

Open the Start menu. Select “Computer.” Click on your flash drive in the left pane.

Right-click on an empty area in the right pane. Point to “New” in the Shortcut menu. Select “Folder.” Name the folder “PS3” in all capital letters.

Double-click on the “PS3” folder. Create another folder within the PS3 folder titled “SAVEDATA” in all capital letters.

Right-click on the zipped Roster file. Select “Extract All.” Follow the on-screen prompts to unzip the contents of the Roster file to the “SAVEDATA” folder you just created.

Unplug the flash drive from the computer. Turn on the PS3 and TV. Plug the flash drive into one of the PS3’s USB ports.

Navigate to “Game,” "Save Data Utility,” then “USB Device” in the PS3 XMB menu.

Highlight the Madden Roster file. Press the Triangle button on the PS3 controller to bring up the Options menu. Select “Copy” then “Yes” to confirm.

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