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How to Make a Song Track List for a CD Cover

Track lists are easy to make.
cd-r image by matteo NATALE from Fotolia.com

Today, most music collections are stored and listened to as mp3 files, however people still create CDs to give away as gifts to friends and loved ones. Because these music compilations have songs taken from various sources and albums, it helps to have a track list with the information of the artist and the name of the song (and sometimes the album it came from) so the listener knows what she is listening to. There is software available online for purchase that facilitates the making of CD covers. However, if you have access to a printer and Microsoft Word 7, you can make a simple track list free of charge.

Track lists are easy to make.
cd-r image by matteo NATALE from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Printer
  • Microsoft Word 7
  • Computer

Gather and write down the information for each song you have on the CD. The name of the artist, the name of the song and if you know or can find it, the name of the album it came from. If you are not sure about a piece of the information, type what you do know into a search engine to find out the information you need.

Open Microsoft Word 7.

Click on the "Page Layout" tab at the top of the screen.

Choose a color and font for the text of your list. These options are available at the far left side of the menu.

Click on the "Home" tab at the top of the screen. In the middle of the tool bar you'll see the "Paragraph" box, which is labeled "Paragraph". Click on the button on the top of the box that is the second from the left. This is the numbered list button. A numbered list will automatically start.

Type the track information next to the number 1. Each time you hit the return key, the curser will add another number. Continue to type in the information that corresponds to the song and track number.

Save the list and print it out. Cut it down to the correct size and either paste it to the back of your album cover, or insert it on its own into the front of the CD case.

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