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How to Make a Bingo Game Where Everyone Wins

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In a classroom or party situation, you may want everyone to win at Bingo, but depending on the ages, number and maturity of the players, the way you go about making sure everyone's a winner will differ. A classroom of kindergartners might think it's funny to achieve simultaneous Bingos, but older children will know the game has been rigged. Similarly, it's easier to pass off a small number of simultaneous Bingos as a coincidence than it is a large number. Use your best judgment with your audience to keep the game result fun, not condescending.

Everyone Wins: Simultaneous Bingo

Visit a website that offers free, printable Bingo card templates, such as apollostemplates.com. Create seven templates. Use the same series of numbers to create Bingo across all five columns on each template: One template will have Bingo horizontally across the first row, the next template will have Bingo horizontally across the second row, and so on for the third, fourth and fifth rows, as well as on both diagonals.

Fill in the rest of the numbers to complete the cards. Reserve three or four numbers from the G column that do not appear on any card. If you need more than seven unique Bingo cards, change the other numbers, but leave the numbers that form Bingo alone. Print the cards onto cardstock and trim with your paper cutter.

Distribute your Bingo cards to your players. Have them mark off each number as you call it. Do not call more than three of any column before you call the number that contributes to Bingo. Although you may call out some of your dummy G numbers, save the G column for last, and only call it out after you have called out all the other numbers that contribute to Bingo.

Everyone Wins: Keep on Playing

Create your Bingo cards with an online template, but you do not need to rig the numbers. They may be randomly placed. Print them and cut them out.

Distribute the cards to your players. Have them mark off the squares as they are called, and give a prize to the first person to achieve Bingo.

Continue playing. Give a prize to each subsequent Bingo, until all players have won Bingo.

Everyone Wins: Cool Markers

Create your Bingo cards as above. Distribute them to your players.

Give your players small, round candies that will fit on the squares. Sparkly stickers are also appropriate, or small toys that are appropriately themed to your party might work as well.

Play Bingo as usual, and allow the players to keep their Bingo markers, even if they don't win the Bingo prize.

Things You'll Need:

  • Printer
  • Cardstock
  • Paper cutter
  • Stickers or small, round candies


Column B contains numbers 1—15 Column I contains numbers 16—30 Column N contains numbers 31—45 Column G contains numbers 46—60 Column O contains numbers 61—75

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