How to Make a Paper Basketball

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Things You'll Need

  • Orange construction paper or card stock
  • Drawing compass
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Black permanent marker

Paper is a wonderful medium for making shapes because it is both inexpensive and easy to work with. Try making paper basketballs to celebrate your love for the sport. Paper basketballs begin with a simple circle. Use them to decorate cards, scrapbooks, bulletin boards, posters and more. Even kids can get involved, as the project is easy to understand and safe as well.

Adjust your drawing compass so that the span between the tip and the pencil is half as wide as you want your basketball to be.

Place the point of the compass at the center of your orange paper or card stock and hold it in place with the small shaft at the top of the compass.

Spin the compass so that the pencil draws a perfect circle onto your paper.

Cut the circle out from your paper or card stock with your scissors.

Draw a vertical line going across the center of the orange circle and a horizontal line across the center of the vertical line with a ruler and black permanent marker. It will look like a black plus sign.

Draw two semicircles at either side of the horizontal line, with the open end of the semicircles running off of the circle. Have a basketball or image of a basketball on hand as reference for placement of the semicircles.

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