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How to Draw a Cheetah Print

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Decorate a birthday card or create a cheetah print background by following two basic steps and repeating them as necessary to achieve your desired design. Although the fur of a cheetah is typically orange-brown and black, choose colors you like to create your cheetah print.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 Colored Marker
  • Paper
  • 1 Black Marker
Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Draw dots on your paper using your colored marker. Make the dots as small or as larger as you want, based on how big you want to make your cheetah print. Space the dots half an inch to an inch apart. Make the dots farther apart at first, you can always add more dots towards the end if you want.

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Use you black marker to outline the dots. Do not go all the way around all of the dots. Draw half circles and quarter circles around some of the dots. Mix up your circle patterns so no two dots that are next to each other are alike.

Victor Holguin/Demand Media

Add more dots in between your original dots as necessary and outline them in the same way as the original dots.

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