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How to Write a Love Rap

Turn your feelings of love into a rap song.
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Rap is a fun and creative way to express your love. Some of the greatest rap songs have been based on love, from artists such as Notorious B.I.G. to Jay-Z. By following certain guidelines, your love rap can be a hot new hit or a gift for the object of your affection.

Find your inspiration. Every musician is inspired by artists, such as poets or other musicians. Listen to some of the all-time hip hop greats, and pay special attention to their love songs. Ja Rule, Faboolus, and P. Diddy have written some of the best love raps; listen, learn, and then try writing some of your own.

Create a list of things you know to be true; this gives you a foundation of truth and sincerity from which you can build your love rap. What are things you "know to be true?" Acclaimed spoken word poet Sarah Kay asks this question to her students as they work on their love raps and poems. If you continue to suffer from writer's block, Kay recommends you make more lists: "Things I would give up for love," "Things I wish I had done by now," etc. Lists are a great way to organize your thoughts and get your rap going.

Write your love rap with a strong emphasis on rhyme. Choose the final word of the second line of a couplet. This makes rhyming much easier and more fluid. If you write the first line of your couplet first, you may be forced to rhyme with an awkward word.


To challenge yourself and make your rhymes even more advanced, try using multi-syllable rhymes. For example, instead of just rhyming "lover" with "her," use both syllables and use a rhyme, such as "above her."

For help finding words that rhyme, try using a website that focuses on rhyming words, such as rhymezone.com. Many of these sites even give you multi-syllable suggestions for finding the perfect rhyme.

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