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How to Talk Like Snoop Dogg

Talk Like Snoop Dogg

How to Talk Like Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg is just as well known today for his West Coast rap style of talking as he is for his hit tracks. "Snoop speak", as the lingo is known, is full of rap lyric illusions, unique sounds and an interesting use of a new suffix, the "-izzle."

Read through the lyrics of some of Snoop Doggs songs to get familiar with the important words that form the Snoop vocabulary, such as "indo," a reference to marijuana, "beeotch," "homey," and alternate pronunciations such as "ge-new-wine" for genuine. Also keep in mind that Snoop Dogg uses Southern words, such as "ya'll", as a regular part of his lingo.

Use the well-known Snoop speak by replacing the last syllable of any word with the suffix, "-izzle." You can start out by practicing the much popularized Snoop Dogg phrase, "fo shizzle." Refer back to the Frankie Smith song "Double-Dutch Bus" from 1981 to see original usage of Snoop Dogg's trademark lingo.

Check out the "Gizoogle" Snoop speak online translator that translates any piece of text into Snoop's unofficial language. Place common phrases and sentence through the Gizoogle machine and then read the resulting Snoopified text to practice talking like the rap star.

Join the "Talk Like Snoop" thread on Esato.com and use your new Snoop speak skills with other Snoop-talking newbies and pros. You can ask other contributors to the thread if a given word or phrase is, in their opinion, worthy of Snoop.

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