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How to Find a French Song by Lyrics

She's singing a French tune; search the lyrics to find out the song.
sunshine song image by pdesign from Fotolia.com

You may be washing the dishes or driving to work when all of the sudden the chorus or a few lines to a song pops into your head. You only remember just one part of the song and it starts to irk you. Maybe if you heard the entire song, you could get it out of your head. If you know some of the lyrics to the song, you can use an Internet lyrics site to search for the entire song. For French songs, you must be able to type the lyrics out in French. Use a French dictionary or an Internet translator to get the exact spelling and search for your song.

Write out any lyrics you remember. Use a French dictionary or an Internet translator to help you get the spelling right. If the spelling is not correct, you may not find the song.

Log on to the Internet and visit a website that allows you to search for songs by lyrics. See Resources for websites.

Type the lyrics from Step 1 into the search bar and click "Search."

Review the results and read through the song to see if you remember any more about it. If a song matches the lyrics exactly, chances are that is the French song you are looking for.

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