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How to Find Copyright-Free Doll Patterns

Doll patterns come in different types, including rag dolls, paper dolls, and patterns for doll clothes. Finding copyright-free doll patterns for dolls is easy. Some pattern-makers grant full use to their patterns while other patterns fall into public domain. Finding these copyright-free patterns is a great way to save you time and money while allowing you to create dolls for your own pleasure.

Visit one of the many doll collecting websites on the Internet and bookmark your favorite sites (see resources). Copyright free doll patterns are readily available by people who want to share their talents or hope that copyright-free patterns might entice you to purchase some of their other patterns.

Look for indications that patterns you find are free. The absence of a copyright notice does not indicate a doll pattern is not copyrighted. Doll patterns are protected by the intellectual property law the moment they're created, like any other intellectual property. Read all websites that offer doll patterns and look for key words such as "free," or a statement concerning use of the patterns.

Contact the website owner about specific rights to patterns you believe are in the public domain or free of copyright. A lot of doll collecting and pattern-making websites have an email contact. It doesn't hurt to inquire about specific rights to the patterns. Some makers allow you to use their patterns to make dolls and doll clothes for personal use, while others may allow commercial use. It's important to know what the terms of use are.

Join a dollmaker's group or look or doll collector's group and network (see resources). Consider signing up for a newsletter at a doll patterns website. This is the best way to network. You can trade your copyright-free patterns with others.


Be careful. Just because a doll pattern reads "free" doesn't mean it's copyright free. Always contact the owner of the pattern to verify the terms of use.

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