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How to Play Bingo Different Patterns

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Bingo is a game that anyone can learn to play--you need to get 5 numbers in a row, either across, up and down or diagonally. Now you can play bingo online but you have to know a little more in order to play. Read on and learn to play the different patterns of bingo.

Play 4 corners. This is exactly as it sounds; you need to cover the 4 corners of the card, 2 under the B's and 2 under the O's.

Call "Bingo" when you get round robin. This has a variety of names but whatever it's called, you need to cover the outer edge of the card: all the B's, all the O's and the top and bottom numbers in the I's, N's and G's.

Find a cross. To make the pattern of the cross, you need to cover all the N's and the middle row across.

Cover the numbers that make the letters. There are bingo games for the letter G, H, I, T, L, M, N or E. New ones are being added every day. For example, for the letter I you would cover all the N's, the top row and the bottom row.

Try to cover every number on your card. This is called blackout or cover all. If you get this in a certain number of calls, you may get a jackpot.

Learn the patterns. There are hundreds of bingo patterns. In order to play you need to be up-to-date on all of them. If you are going to play, you also need to know that sometimes bingo is done in 2 stages. You need to get bingo or 4 corners first and then a pattern. So stay awake when you are playing the different patterns of bingo.


Most of the time the caller will flash the bingo pattern on the board, so you know what you are playing. There are hundreds of bingo patterns, the ones described in these steps are only a few of them.

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