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White Board Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are great fun and can be done usnig just about anything.
magic image by andrey polichenko from Fotolia.com

There are any different kinds of magic tricks. Magic can range from card tricks to whiteboard tricks. It’s simple to learn. Even better, the audiences you are trying to amaze won’t be able to figure out how you do it, which will make your show a success.

Around the Clock

Start by writing the number six on a slip of paper and setting is aside or giving it to an impartial observer. As in the demonstration by Psychic Science, write the numbers one through 12 on the white board in a circle, clockwise as on the face of a clock. Choose a volunteer and ask him to pick a number on the board. Starting with the number one, count out each letter of the chosen number, clockwise. Spell the next number you landed on in the same fashion, continuing around the clock. Do it one more time; spell the number you landed on clockwise.

Eliminate all multiples and divisors of four; two, four, eight and 12. Spell clockwise the number you are currently on using only the remaining numbers on the board; you should land on the number six. Circle the six and then reveal the number you predicted earlier on the slip of paper.

The Magic Square

With this trick, you will be able to predict the resulting value of adding numbers selected by a few different members of your audience. Mathematische explains the very complex rule of “Magic Squares," but this trick is just a simple representation of the concept and you do not need to understand why or how it works in order to impress an audience.

The first thing you do is write the number 34 on a slip of paper and hand it to one of your biggest skeptics; make sure that he cannot see the number by sealing it in an envelope. Write out the numbers one through 16 on the white board from left to right and top to bottom; the top row is one through four, the second row is five through eight and so forth. You will end up with four rows and four columns.

Ask for someone to call out a number that is on the board. For example, the number two. Cross out all numbers within its row and column to eliminate them: one, three and four in its row and six, 10 and 14 in its column. Ask someone to choose a number that has not already been chosen or eliminated and then cross out all numbers within its row or column. Continue in this fashion until you have one number remaining. Circle the remaining number and then add all of the circled numbers together. The total will always be 34. Reveal your prediction to astonish the crowd.

Out of a Hat

This is an easy trick to do when it comes to tricking an audience. You'll need 10 small cards or a pad of paper, a hat, a white board and a marker. Old and Sold recommends that you have the audience suggest 10 names of famous people. Each name that is called out must be different. Remember the first name as you write it on each card placed into the hat; the audience must think that you are writing different names.

After all 10 names are called out and you have the same name on every card, put all the cards in the hat and mix it up. Get a volunteer in the audience to pull the name out of a hat and keep it to themselves. Write the famous person’s name on the white board and make sure that the white board is out of view. Reveal what you wrote down after the volunteer says the name. The audience will be amazed.

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