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How to Make the Game "Pick a Color, Pick a Number"

Play the fortuneteller game with your friends.
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In the fortuneteller game, players pick a number and pick a color and the fortuneteller reveals their fortune. Often seen at playgrounds and slumber parties, the game allows children to pass the time and have fun with the fortunes they write. For young children, the fortuneteller game helps with spelling and counting. Make the fortuneteller out of a piece of paper and write your choice of colors, numbers and fortunes to challenge your friends.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen

Start with a square piece of paper. Plain white paper works best.

Fold the square into a triangle and crease the fold. Unfold it and fold the square the opposite way into a second triangle shape. Crease the fold and unfold it. You will end up with a crease running from each point of the square to the center.

Fold in each point of the square into the center point you have created with the previous folds. This will create four smaller triangles within the square.

Flip the folded paper over. Fold in each corner as you did with the other side, to the center point of the back side of the square, to create smaller triangles. Each of these smaller triangles will look as if it is split in two.

Fold the square in half so that the split, smaller triangles are facing inside. Unfold the square and fold it in half the opposite way.

Stick your fingers into the pockets that have been created. These pockets are directly under the smaller square shapes on the outside of the fortuneteller. These pockets will roughly resemble a diamond shape and will come to a point at the center.

Write the name of a different color on each outer square flap. Four colors will be listed in total.

Write a different number on each smaller triangle on the inside of the fortuneteller, eight numbers in all.

Open each triangle flap and write a different fortune on each triangle. These triangles will be directly behind each number, so they will total eight.

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