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How to Draw a Football Jersey

Football jerseys are short-sleeved and made extra roomy so that football players can wear their shoulder pads and other protective gear underneath, but jerseys can be worn with or without pads; many football fans like to wear them, too. Football jerseys come in team colors, which are often bright and bold. Football jerseys also display large, blocky numbers, used to identify the players during games, on the front, back and sometimes even the sleeves.

Draw a rectangle, approximately 50% taller than it is wide, with the top angled slightly outward. This will represent the body of the shirt and the slope of the shoulders.

Draw a triangle flush with the left side of the rectangle, at the top. The triangle will be half as long as the football jersey, and the right side of the triangle will share a line with the left side of the rectangle. The top point of the triangle will be at the upper left corner of the rectangle. This is the left sleeve of the jersey.

Draw a triangle on the right side of the rectangle, mirroring the rectangle on the left. This is the right sleeve of the jersey.

Draw a thick stripe at the end of either sleeve.

Draw a small upside-down triangle (base up, point down) inside the rectangle; this will be the hole for the neck. The base of the triangle will be flush with the top side of the rectangle, in the center, and will not run the full width of the rectangle. The length of the triangle (meaning how far it extends into the body of the rectangle) should be approximately half as long as the length of the sleeves.

Draw a blocky number, from 1 to 99 inclusive, centered on the front of the jersey, approximately one-third as tall as the jersey itself.


Widen the top of the rectangle (shoulders) to draw a jersey with the football pads underneath. You may draw the same number that appears on the front of the jersey on the sleeves, if you wish; however, since the number appears on the sides of the sleeves, you only need to draw the part that will be visible from the front. After completing your drawing, you can color the jersey in the team colors of your choice.

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