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How to Fix the Number on a Jersey That Washed Off

Team uniforms wear out quickly.
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A sports jersey is a great way to show team spirit at a football game, or show of your colors to your friends and family. However, sometimes the numbers wash off of well-loved jerseys. You can fix this by replacing the numbers on the jersey, which is very simple and only requires a few minutes of time. You can find iron-on numbers that match the missing numbers online. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sports Jersey
  • Ironing Board
  • Iron
  • Iron-On Numbers

Peel any of the remaining number off the jersey while the iron heats up. Use the heat setting appropriate to the garment -- the care label inside the jersey will tell you what heat setting on the iron to use.

Lay the jersey on an ironing board, smoothing the fabric so there are no wrinkles. Make sure only one layer of fabric is on top of the board, or the adhesive from the numbers could stick the front and back of the jersey together.

Place the numbers on the jersey, where the numbers originally were. The numbers will have backing on them. The backing should be facing up, with the number directly against the fabric of the jersey.

Use the iron on the backing, pressing the numbers into the jersey. Times will vary, depending on the manufacturer of the numbers, but 10 seconds is a good benchmark to use. More time may be required, depending on the numbers and the heat setting your fabric requires.

Peel the backing off immediately, and allow the jersey to cool before wearing.


The less heat the numbers are exposed to, the better, so air dry the jersey for the longevity of the numbers. You can tumble dry the jersey, but over time this damages the numbers.

Wash your jersey in cool or warm water, not hot.

Avoid ironing the jersey unless necessary, and if it's necessary do not iron over the numbers -- this may loosen the glue.


  • Be cautious with the jersey when it is hot, as the hot numbers may stick to your skin and cause a bad burn. Keep the iron moving when pressing the numbers, to help prevent scorching. If you are replacing the numbers on a jersey for a sports league, check with the league's rules. Some leagues and organizations have very strict rules regarding uniforms, so check with these rules before proceeding.
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