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How to Iron Polyester Satin

Use a low setting when ironing polyester satin.
Ablestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

Polyester satin combines the glossy richness of satin with the durability of polyester. The shiny fabric, frequently used for robes, slips, and pillow cases, is machine washable, but care must be taken in ironing it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Brown Paper Strips
  • Ironing Board
  • Iron

Set the iron to the lowest setting and wait for it to heat up. Lay the polyester-satin item flat on the ironing board, face down.

Place the tip of the iron very lightly against the edge of the fabric. If the iron is on its lowest setting, it should not burn or melt the fabric.

Move the iron over the fabric, staying close to the edges to ensure the fabric can easily withstand the heat. Push the iron across the surface area of the fabric, smoothing out any creases.

Place strips of brown paper underneath the seams and hems of the item, to avoid seam and hem impressions. Hang the item up immediately once you are done ironing.


You can use steam, if you have an iron that produces steam at such a low setting. However, synthetic fabrics such polyester do not require steam.

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