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How to Play Keno Slot Machines

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Keno, which has its origins in China, is found in video form in many American casinos. These machines, similar to slot machines (and often placed alongside them in casinos), play similarly to the live form of keno, with players picking numbers and hoping those digits are randomly chosen during each game.

Insert your money and select a denomination. Many machines offer multiple gambling amounts, such as 25 cents, 50 cents and $1 a game, so pick the option that fits your gaming budget.

Decide how many numbers to pick. You will see from the payouts listed on the screen the options. On many machines you could pick as few as two numbers. You won't win the big jackpot, but you could be paid 10-1 if you manage to hit both numbers. On other games you could pick 12 numbers. You won't win often, but if you hit a lot of numbers, you can win big. If you managed to hit 12 out of 12 numbers you could be paid as much as $25,000 on a $1 wager.

Choose your numbers. You can do this by touching any of the 80 available numbers on the screen. If you touch the wrong number accidentally, you can usually touch it a second time to erase the pick.

Hit the button to play the game and start the random computer selection of the winning numbers. If you win any amount, this will be added to your total and you can play again or cash out.

Select the option to erase all of your numbers if you would like to select a new set of numbers while playing the next game or use the numbers you already have.

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