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Job Description of a Segment Producer

Segemnt producers have many duties.
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Segment producers create specific pieces or segments of TV shows. Producers must be familiar with basic media production skills. Segment producers are used in the production of most reality shows, game shows and news programs.


Many segment producers have taken some coursework in or have a bachelor’s degree in TV or film production. These classes teach basic terminology and techniques such as lighting. Classes are also a great way to meet people who can recommend you for jobs. You should also have some prior media production experience such as on a TV show or short film.

Interview Skills

Segment producers must be great at communicating with people. Since you may need to interview people for a news story, you should not be shy about approaching people and asking personal questions. The interview skills also come in handy if you are responsible for hiring your staff, such as hiring a production assistant.

Editing Skills

Segment producers work with editors or are required to edit their own footage. Popular programs include Final Cut Pro and Avid. Video editing is time-consuming, but must be done as efficiently as possible. You must be able to edit footage based on guidelines and notes from the executive producer or production company.

Scheduling Skills

Segment producers work under tight deadlines and need to be able to gather all the right elements for each segment. Segment producers need to be assertive and organized so that the needed equipment is always available and the crew and the people who appear in the segment know what is going on.

Job Environment

Segment producers start work in a production office, then must go out to public or private places to record footage. Producers earn about $64,430 per year, but this varies greatly depending on the number of hours worked. You should be prepared to work in any kind of physical environment and work with any size crew. You should also own a reliable vehicle and cell phone, and be able to create backup plans for every shoot.

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