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Instructions for the Pfaff Creative Designer 7570

The Pfaff 7570 Creative Designer is a computerized sewing and embroidery machine that has the ability to connect to the computer, and have embroidery designs sent to the embroidery machine. The sewing and embroidery machine has many features, including hundreds of general sewing functions, a separate embroidery module, and on-screen editing features. The Creative Designer 7570, manufactured in the 1990s, was the first sewing and embroidery combination machine ever made by Pfaff.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Sewing Thread
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Fabric
  • Pfaff 7570 Embroidery Unit

Using the Sewing Machine

Turn on your sewing machine using the "On" button located just below the turn wheel on the right side of the machine. Thread your Pfaff 7570. Note that Pfaff sewing machines thread from left to right, not right to left like other sewing machines. The upper tension discs should be raised at their highest position while threading, and the presser foot should be raised up until you thread the needle. Drop the presser foot right before you thread the needle. The prevents thread problems during use.

Insert a full bobbin and retrieve the bobbin thread through the thread plate. Raise your sewing foot and needle to its highest position; hold the needle thread taught with your left hand, lower the needle into the thread plate using your right hand, and then raise the needle. As you raise the needle, the needle thread will catch the bobbin thread, and pull it up. There should be a loop of thread intertwined with the needle thread. Use tweezers, your finger, or a straight pin to retrieve the bobbin thread that is visible through the thread plate, and pull it through the plate.

Place the fabric under the presser foot, and drop the presser foot. Choose the stitch you want to use from the top stitch display, right above the top thread feed. Press the '0-9" button located on the sewing machine’s front panel, and a display screen will come up. Input the thread number, and press the 'OK' button located on the sewing machine’s front panel. The stitch will display, and you are ready to sew. Repeat Step 3 for each stitch you want to use.

Setting Up the Embroidery Unit

Turn the sewing machine off. Take out the embroidery machine unit, locate the connection bushing on the back of your embroidery unit, and match it up with the connection bushing on your sewing machine. The connection bushing should be located next to a yellow sticker on your embroidery unit, and somewhat resembles a serial port on a computer. Slide the embroidery unit onto the sewing machine with the sewing machine turned off. Connect to the bushing carefully as you slide the embroidery unit onto the sewing machine. Use your embroidery unit manual if you need assistance.

Insert an embroidery card. Your embroidery unit should contain an embroidery card labeled embroidery card 1. Use that or use another Pfaff 7570 card that you own. Turn on the sewing machine.

Open the bobbin case area just below the thread plate, and lower the feed dogs by pushing the feed dog switch to the right. Press the card button located on the front face of your sewing machine. A display with pop up; choose embroidery designs or monogram and a new screen will pop up with your design choices. Choose the design you want, and press "OK." A checklist screen appears. Do everything on the checklist, and press "OK." Use your embroidery unit manual if you need help.

Start embroidery by pressing the foot pedal. At this time, your hoop should already be attached to the embroidery unit because you’ve already gone through the checklist. Your embroidery manual displays colored picture diagrams that are very helpful in understanding everything in your checklist menu.

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