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How to Hook Up a PS3 to the DVD Player

Playstation 3

The PS3 is a video game console that hooks directly up to your TV. Nevertheless, older TVs may not carry enough ports for all of the devices you have. Modern DVD players can work as a hub for external devices. Only the DVD player needs to be connected directly to the TV for the PS3 to function. The DVD can display several input devices. This allows you to control your gaming consoles or other devices from the DVD player.

Check the input connections on the DVD player. You may have composite, component or a HDMI connection. The Playstation 3 can only have one output cord at a time. You need to know your DVD player capability and decide which method you will use. Check your DVD manual if you are unsure.

Plug the "Video Output" cords into your PS3. The "HDMI" cord inserts into the "HDMI" slot on the back of the PS3. If you have to use the composite or component cable, plug it into the "Video Out" port.

Insert the cable into the DVD player. If your player has an "HDMI" slot, plug the "HDMI" cord into this. For the other cables, plug into the corresponding "Video In" port on the DVD player.

Hook the DVD player up to the TV. Use the connection that is available on the television. Some TVs allow HDMI cords, while others only have composite or component. If you are unsure, check your TV user manual or inspect the ports on your TV.

Turn on the DVD player, PS3 and the television. Change the TV to the to DVD input. Use the DVD remote to switch to an input channel. Flip through the input channels to locate the PS3.

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