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Babylock EMP-6 Specs

The Babylock EMP-6 enables users to quickly reproduce needlepoint designs and logos.
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The Babylock EMP-6 embroidery machine is a relatively compact and user-friendly computerized embroidery machine. It is often used by hobbyists who turn their embroidery hobby into a home business and need to embroider multiple units of a single design. The Babylock EMP-6 is a discontinued model, but pre-owned EMP-6 units are often available from private sellers.

Physical Specifications

The Babylock EMP-6 weighs 81 1/2 lbs. Its shipping weight is 110 lbs. It is a tabletop model that can be placed on a table, desk or stand, and Babylock offers its own stand (model EPSTAND) for the EMP-6.

Speed and Capabilities

The Babylock EMP-6 can produce 1,000 stitches per minute at maximum speed, and its maximum fill stitching speed is also 1,000 stitches per minute. This unit can read up to 500,000 stitches per design, 500 color changes or 100 combined designs with its computerized interface.

Computerized and Automated Features

This embroidery machine includes a hoop sensor that suggests a hoop size according to the selected design. The design can be selected from the 59 designs that are built into the machine. The Babylock EMP-6 also includes an extensive floral alphabet, 13 alphabet designs, custom script designs and 10 frames with 12 design stitches as well as monogram designs with frames. Other computerized features include character text and array editing, pattern rotation in one or 90-degree increments, design size change, needle forward and reverse positioning and instant needle edge placement with eight starting and eight ending positions.

Built-in Screen

The screen includes a stitch count and running time indicator as well as design duplication up to 30 times in both directions. It is a 640-by-240 pixel color dot matrix LCD screen that includes a touch screen for pattern selection and editing. It also includes seven options for thread color display and three options for custom color display as well as a speed control.

Computer Interface and Internal Computer

The Babylock EMP-6 connects to any PC via a USB port. It also includes a compact flash memory card slot (read and write) and its own floppy drive. Its embroidery card slot is suitable for reading PES, PEC, DST and PHC format cards. Upgrades can be installed via floppy disk, flash memory or transfer from a PC. This unit also includes a built-in memory and an auto-save feature.

Additional Features

This model is equipped with four embroidery hoops: extra large (7-7/8 inches by 11-3/4 inches), large (5-1/8 inches by 7-1/8 inches), medium (4 inches by 4 inches) and small (1-1/2 inches by 2-3/8 inches). Its bobbin system is front loading with a vertical rotary hook. A push button automatic needle threader is included along with upper thread breakage sensors and an automatic. upper and lower thread trimmer. Tension control is manual and the start/stop button includes a locking feature. The Babylock EMP-6 uses pre-wound bobbins of thread and users can choose between English and metric units of measure (inches or millimeters).

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