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How to Write Designs to the Janome Memory Craft 300e

Embroidered designs can be imported and sewn by machine.
gold symbol image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.com

An embroidery sewing machine is a powerful tool for a craftsperson. Having a separate machine for embroidery allows you to make stitched designs without the need to wrestle with a standard sewing machine or handsew each stitch. The Janome Memory Craft 300e is equipped with preinstalled designs. You also can download premade designs online or create your own. Installing these designs is closely related to moving files on your computer.

Embroidered designs can be imported and sewn by machine.
gold symbol image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Program With .Jef Capability
  • Ata Pc Card
  • Janome 300E Sewing Machine

Format your memory card, also called a SD flash card, by inserting it into the sewing machine. Select an ATA PC card or a Compact Flash with Type II Adapter. Push the card into the slot in the right side of the sewing machine. The machine will format the card automatically, if it is not already formatted. The card is now ready to use for designs.

Save your design as a JEF file, which is the only file type the Janome 300e can read. To save an image in this format, use a program that can convert files. Search online or contact the sewing machine retailer, if you do not have a program already. To change the file format, open the image of your design in the program. Follow the program's instructions for saving the design as a .jef file. This process usually is completed through the "Save As" option under the word "File" from the top left of the program.

Transfer the .jef file to the Embf5 directory on the memory card. If your computer does not have a place to insert your memory card, use an external driver that you can plug in to it. Once the memory card is connected to your computer and you can access it, transfer designs by copying them into the folder labeled "Embf5." This location is the only place the sewing machine looks for designs. Copy the designs into this folder on the memory card.

Insert the memory card in the sewing machine and select the image. The Janome 300e will read the Embf5 directory and display your designs. Select the image you want to work with on the machine's LCD screen and begin sewing.


If your image does not show up after these steps, check the size of the design. The maximum size the 300e can sew in is 5.5-by-7.9 inches. Anything larger will not show up on the machine's screen.

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