Ideas for an Easter Basket for an 8-Year-Old Girl

Creating an Easter basket for an 8-year-old girl may seem challenging at the onset, but with a little preparation and a well-thought-out process, it can be fun and exciting. The basics of creating an Easter basket are twofold: the contents inside the basket and the decorations surrounding the basket. Keeping these two elements in mind will make decorating simple and effortless.

Research the Current Fads

Every 8-year-old girl is captivated by something. Many have a favorite TV show or music band that they adore. Eight-year-olds have progressively gotten older, so the same gifts that may have satisfied when you were eight will be very different than today. Fill the contents of the Easter basket with the variable gifts that the typical 8-year-old would love and cherish. If you don't know the girl you're giving the Easter basket to, research the popular trends in pre-teen culture.

Place Generic Likables

There are certain items that every 8-year-old girl would appreciate. Items such as candles, makeup and candy are a few generic likables that would touch every 8-year-old little girl. Many young girls would also like books, craft items and other things to stimulate their minds. Keep in mind that many 8-year-old girls are at the age of exploration, so they will enjoy items that help them in the exploration process.

Go Green

Teaching the next generation to treat the environment with care and concern is a vital lesson to pass along. You can give eco-friendly gifts and candy with purpose. For example, you can give a reusable shopping bag that has a young, chic and trendy print on it. Encourage the young girl to use it when she goes shopping and explain how she is helping to save trees and landfills by using it. Another idea is to give a young tree that she can plant in her backyard. You can explain the importance of our Earth and how we need to take care of it.