How to Write a Protest Song

"we are all immigrants" sign image by Christopher Martin from

Protest songs are songs to encourage social movement toward social change. These songs protest about issues such as war, women's suffrage, civil rights, immigration or current events in the world today. The use of music can change the way people think to promote a positive turn for social change.

Read the lyrics in other protest songs. Scrutinize the words and how they relate to the movement for social change during the time the song was created.

Search the Internet and listen to the lyrics of protest songs by other people. As you listen to the songs, you will receive ideas for various beats and melodies for your song.

Decide on a theme for your protest song. If you don't have a theme already in place, think about the various problems going on in the world currently, such as poor treatment of the underprivileged, animal abuse, war or any current event that involves a need for social change.

Write your song boldly to get your message across to your audience. The words you use in your protest song should cause a person to want to fight for change right along with you, as well as see the truth in your message.

Create a melody for your song. If you are a songwriter who also sings, you can create tunes as you use your vocals. Musicians can either create their own tunes and melodies, as well as gain ideas for tunes from existing protest music. You can also choose to receive help from other musicians.