How to Win Free Concert Tickets

Winning anything is an exciting experience, but winning concert tickets to see the show of one of your favorite musical artists is absolutely thrilling. For one thing, the concert tickets of popular musical acts often sell out quickly making the prospect of purchasing tickets to the show quite difficult. If you are lucky enough to purchase tickets before they sell out, the tickets will likely be expensive enough to drain the entertainment portion of your budget. Winning free concert tickets eliminates both of these problems but how do you go about winning them? Of course you'll need luck on your side, but there are a few other things that you can do that will help you to win free concert tickets to your favorite shows.

Get on the email lists of the fan clubs associated with the artist or musical groups you would like to see. This is an important first step to exploring the ways you can win free concert tickets. As a recipient of their mailing lists you will be informed of when the artist or group will be performing in your area well in advance of the tickets actually going on sale. Knowing this ahead of time puts you in a better position to go after free tickets that become available through various outlets.

Visit the websites of your favorite musical acts often. It is not unusual for fan clubs to hold contests through which you can win free tickets to an upcoming show. The more often you visit the more informed you will be.

Listen to the radio stations that play the music of your favorite act and become familiar with the way they run contests. Some radio stations opt for simple contests in which listeners win by becoming the tenth caller at a certain point during the day. Others will conduct more elaborate contests that require the listener to do something (such as win a pie eating contest or scavenger hunt) in order to be eligible to win free concert tickets. Still others will require that you send in a postcard to enter yourself in a drawing. Familiarizing yourself with the various processes used with the radio stations in your area will help you to make yourself a serious contender for the free tickets.

Be willing to travel. You can greatly increase your odds of winning free concert tickets if you don't limit yourself to seeking out opportunities to win tickets for shows that are close to your home.

Enlist the help of your friends. The more people you have helping you to compete for the various contests you learn about, the more likely you are to win the free concert tickets you are hoping for.

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