How to Win a Singing Competition

How to Win a Singing Competition. Whether you enter a singing competition just for fun or to be discovered as a music star, you can beat the other contestants by following a few simple rules. You'll have to compete with professional stylists as well as karaoke singers in even some of the smallest contests, so keep the following tips in mind when preparing for your big day.

Find songs that are tailor made for your voice. If you're a soprano, don't choose a song in a lower key just because it's popular. Browse song catalogs and listen to CDs til you find a song that's perfect for your vocal range and personality.

Ooze charisma. Unless you've entered a straitlaced operatic competition, popularity as a singer increases with a jovial personality, quirky hairstyle or sexy demeanor. If you have as much (or more) charisma as singing technique, you'll have a better chance to win over judges and audience members.

Hire a singing coach who specializes in competitions. With the TV success of "American Idol," there's a spike in the number of teachers handling competitive singing. An experienced coach will help you choose the right song and focus on impressing the judges.

Be original. Copying another singer's style won't work in a singing competition. You have to wow the judges with your own approach. Sing and move from the heart, and you'll have a better chance of winning.

Emote. No matter how good your singing voice may be, if you don't show much emotion, the judges won't be moved to vote for you. Express the message conveyed in the lyrics.


  • Look as good as you sound.

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