How to Use a Straw Weaving Loom

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Things You'll Need

  • 5 drinking straws
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Straw weaving looms are used to make bands of fabric that can be used as belts, purse straps or headbands. These bands can also be woven or sewn together to make handbags or place mats. Use a five-straw loom to weave a belt or a three-straw loom to weave a headband.

Cut five pieces of yarn twice the length you want the finished project to be.

Thread one piece of yarn through each straw and tape the end of the yarn firmly to the end of the straw.

Hold the straws together and knot the pieces of yarn together at the loose ends (the ends that are not taped to the straws).

Tie the end of your ball of yarn (not the yarn threaded through the straws; these simply form the base) around the bottom of one straw loosely enough that it can be pushed up and down the straw.

Hold the straws on one hand side by side like a little raft. This is your straw loom.

Weave the yarn over one straw and under the next across the row of straws.

Wrap the yarn around the last straw and weave it back across the row going under the straws you went over the first time and over the straws you went under the last time.

Push the rows of yarn down the straws as you need more space to weave. Eventually some of the rows will be pushed off the straws and onto the yarn threaded through the straws, but never push all the rows of yarn off the straws.

When your woven band is the length you desire, push all the woven rows off the straws and knot the ends together. Cut the yarn, leaving enough to tie the ends together.