How to Make a Double Spiral Pattern on Tie Dye Shirts

Things You'll Need

  • Dye
  • T-shirt
  • 3 Rubber bands
  • Water spray bottle

How to Make a Double Spiral Pattern on Tie Dye Shirts. Tie-dying is a fun and useful hobby to have. It is the art of decorating fabric through the use resistance-dying, which is an ancient technique. There are many variations that can be used to create different looks. Follow the steps below to create a double spiral tie-dye pattern.

Begin the dying process by spraying both sides of a plain white pre-washed t-shirt thoroughly with water in a spray bottle.

Lay the t-shirt out flat. Pinch a small amount of fabric in the upper left-hand corner of the t-shirt. Twist the pinched part 4 times clockwise. If the shirt is small, twist only 3 times.

Pinch a small amount of fabric in the lower left-hand corner of the t-shirt. Twist it counter clockwise, being careful to keep the top twist in place. Keep twisting until the t-shirt is in a tight bundle. The t-shirt should be in a short cylindrical shape.

Spray the bundle well with water from the spray bottle again.

Place the first rubber band around the outside of the cylinder shape to keep it in place. Place the other 2 rubber bands around the top and bottom of the cylinder shape. Those 2 rubber bands will criss-cross on the top and bottom.

Put the cylinder on 1 side--not the top or bottom--in 1 color of dye. Leave it for 10 minutes. Place it on the other side in another color of dye. Leave that for 10 minutes as well.

Untwist the t-shirt, and rinse it well. Allow it to hang dry.

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