How to Unscrew a PS3 Controller

Whether you want to make repairs, modifications or just satisfy your curiosity, knowing how to take apart a PlayStation 3 controller to access the internal components can be a useful skill. However, in most cases, the only way to examine the internal components of a PS3 controller without breaking anything is to remove the screws that are located on the back.

Flip the controller over and locate the screws on the back. Sony DualShock 3 controllers have two screws on each grip and one screw in the middle.

Remove the screws on the controller using a Phillips head screwdriver. To avoid losing the screws, place them in a cup.

Lift off the back of the controller to access the internal components. There should be a battery pack, motherboard, touch pad, and vibration pieces.

Reassemble the controller by replacing the back piece and inserting the screws.


Taking apart the PS3 controller could void any existing warranties.

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