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How to Reassemble a PS3 Sixaxis Controller

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Let’s say you took your Sixaxis controller for your PlayStation 3 apart to fix it or just to see how it works, but now you don’t remember how all of the pieces fit back together. All the buttons, connectors and screws can be a little intimidating. With a careful hand, a little time and a small Phillips screwdriver, you can reassemble your Sixaxis controller and get back to your PS3 gaming.

Install the face buttons and LED bridge. The face buttons include the square, circle, triangle, cross, Start, Select and PS buttons, and the directional pad. Replace the rubber pads that back the face buttons. The LED bridge is the controller number indicator that lights up on the back. It is a plastic piece that slides into a groove in the casing.

Connect the Sixaxis chip. The chip is the motion sensor for the controller and slides into a slot on the ribbon circuit board. The chip then connects via the white connector to the slot on the hard circuit board. Next connect the ribbon circuit board to the hard circuit board. If the ribbon board is already connected to the main board, you can skip this step.

Install the circuit board and analog sticks. Hold the case with the buttons facing down. Carefully slide the circuit board into the case so that the analog sticks fit through the holes. Be sure that the ribbon board lines up with the face buttons. Once you have the circuit board in place, replace the screw at the center on the bottom of the board.

Screw in the rumble mechanisms. This step is only necessary for the latter DualShock model of the PS3 controllers. There are two rumble mechanisms, one on each handle of the controller. The rumble mechanisms attach directly to the case via two screws each.

Mount the shoulder triggers. The L2 and R2 buttons are connected to the ribbon board and slide into slots on the case. The L1 and R1 buttons slide into slots directly above the L2 and R2 buttons. There are small plastic brackets that fit between the two shoulder buttons on each side of the controller. Be sure these brackets slide in properly by checking the feel of the trigger buttons.

Reconnect the battery. The battery connects to the circuit board via the white connector. The battery fits in the white brackets on the circuit board. The battery just sits in the plastic bracket, so be careful not to let it fall.

Attach the other half of the case. Line up the edges of the case and gently squeeze the case together. Be sure that the shoulder button brackets line up. Be careful not to break the case if you meet resistance. Screw in the five screws on the bottom of the case.

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