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How to Fix the PlayStation Slimline Power Switch

The PlayStation Slimline power switch operates with a cover sensor, two LED lights, a remote control sensor and a connection to the PS2 motherboard. If the power switch malfunctions, it is usually because the cover sensor has broken or the PS2 connection has come apart. Fixing the switch could be a simple repair or require a new power switch installation.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flat-Head Mini-Screwdriver
  • Mini-Screwdriver
  • Bowl

Remove the power cords and audio-video cables from the PS2. Remove any controllers, memory cards or discs from the PS2 and flip it upside down.

Use a flat-head mini-screwdriver or pair of tweezers to remove the six plastic protective flaps from the bottom of the console. Place the pieces into a bowl.

Use a small screwdriver to unscrew each of the screws. Press down hard on each screw so it comes out easily and does not wear down the metal. Place all the screws into the small bowl. They are all the same size, so they can be mixed together.

Take the flat-head screwdriver and slowly go around the middle edges of the console to prop it open. On each side you will hear two clicks as the cover comes loose. When the whole console is completely disconnected, flip it back over and carefully flip the front cover off.

Locate the power switch in the front of the console. On the top there is a small spring-loaded black lever that goes up and down. Make sure that the spring still works and the lever is not stuck or broken. If it is, you need to replace the whole power switch.

Check the PS2 connection to the power switch. A small silver plug goes into the left side of the power switch. Ensure that the plug is fully inserted. Remove the plug and insert it back in to try and reset the connection.

Place the cover back on the PS2 and check whether the switch works again by plugging the power in. If the switch does not work, order a new switch.

Install a new switch by pulling out the old one from the slot, inserting the new one so it lines up with the LCD light holes and insert the silver PS2 connection plug. Replace the cover, screw in the screws and apply the protective flaps back onto the console.

Plug the power into the PS2 and test the new power switch.


Purchase a cheaper power switch by buying one without a remote sensor. The sensor can more than double the cost of the switch.

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