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How to Remove the Resonator on a Fender Banjo

Fender banjos are fitted with a round wooden pan, called a resonator, on the back of the instrument. It is used to amplify and redirect sound out the front of the banjo. Some Fender banjo models use connector plates attached to the side of the instrument that hold the resonator in place. Others use thumb screws that fit through the outer flange on the banjo and screw into lug nuts on the inside of the resonator. It may be necessary to remove the resonator to adjust the neck's tension rod within the instrument or to make other adjustments or repairs.

Banjo with Resonator Connector Plates

Locate the resonator connector plates around the outside edge of the body of instrument.

Remove the retention screws with the Phillips screwdriver and set the screws aside.

Remove the resonator from the back of the instrument.

Banjo with Resonator Thumb Screws and Wall Lugs

Locate the thumb screws in the flange around the outside of the instrument.

Unscrew each thumb screw from the underlying lug nut attached to the inside of the resonator and set them aside.

Remove the resonator from the back of the banjo.

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