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A PS3 Wireless Guitar Won't Connect to the PS3 Through USB Ports

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

The “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” series on the PlayStation3 (PS3) console use a wireless guitar controller to play the guitar and bass roles in both games. Both brands of PS3 wireless guitar connect to the console through a dongle inserted into the USB port. There are several reasons the guitar controller will not connect to the Sony PS3.

Replace the batteries in the PS3 wireless guitar controller. A guitar connection issue may occur if the batteries are nearly drained.

Turn the guitar controller power switch to the “On” position on the back.

Plug the wireless guitar dongle into the USB port on the PS3. The dongle must be the matching one for the guitar controller. The “Rock Band” wireless guitar will not connect to the “Guitar Hero” guitar dongle. Instrument compatibility for a game and connecting to the console are different issues.

Turn on the PS3 console.

Press the “PS” button on the wireless guitar controller to turn it on.

Press the button on the wireless guitar dongle. The guitar controller and dongle must be synced to connect. The most common guitar connection issue is that the controller and dongle are not synced.

Press the “Sync” button on the wireless guitar controller. The PS3 guitar controller will connect to the dongle. The “Sync” button is on the bottom edge of the “Guitar Hero” controller. The “Sync” button is the white button next to the “PS” button on the “Rock Band” controller.


“Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” and “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” are not compatible with the “Rock Band” PS3 wireless guitar controller. The “Rock Band” controller will not be usable for those games, even if it is properly connected.

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