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How to Set Up Wii Rock Band Guitar

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"Rock Band" is a music game that requires you to simulate playing instruments using the game's included guitar and drums. Some minor assembly is required before you can connect the guitar. The guitar is wireless and, like the Wii Remote, must be synced to the Wii before it becomes operational. Unlike the "Guitar Hero" games, a Wii Remote is not needed for "Rock Band" guitars. When setting up multiple guitars, each guitar must be synced one at a time.

Attach the headstock, the long part of the guitar with the frets, to the neck of the guitar. The headstock will only go in one way. You will hear a very noticeable click when it has been attached correctly.

Turn the guitar over, open the battery compartment on the body of the guitar and insert two AA batteries.

Connect the sync dongle--the white, square shaped adapter that comes with the guitar--to the USB port on the back of the Wii. Press the guitar icon on the dongle. The lights will begin flashing blue.

Press and hold the "Sync" button on the dongle while simultaneously pressing the "Sync" button on the guitar. The lights on both the guitar and dongle will flash temporarily. Once the lights stabilize, the sync is completed.

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