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My Guitar Hero Controller Won't Connect

The Guitar Hero controller looks like an electric guitar.
guitar guitarist music musical instrument image by david hughes from Fotolia.com

The video game "Guitar Hero" comes with wireless controllers shaped as a guitar. When you first buy the video game, you need to manually connect and sync the wireless controller to make it work. While some people simply plug in the controller expecting it to connect, not all wireless controllers will connect automatically.

Turn off all controllers to the "Guitar Hero" game.

Turn on the power for the consul. Notice that the dongle will light up. The dongle looks like a USB stick, but works like a wireless connector.

Place the guitar controller so it faces the consul with the dongle.

Press the power button in the guitar controller. A flash will light up in slow blinks.

Press the power button on the dongle, so that it connects with the controller and the consul.

Press the button on the guitar controller so that the flash lights up in fast blinks. The wireless guitar controller is now connected.


  • Save your receipt when you first purchase "Guitar Hero." If you cannot sync the guitar controller manually, something is wrong with it. You will need to get another guitar controller from PlayStation.
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