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The PS3 Controller Doesn't Work and the Lights Just Blink

PlayStation 3 is Sony's gaming console. The controllers for the PlayStation 3 work through Bluetooth technology. This allows you to use your PlayStation 3 without any wires for his controller. However, you do need a USB cord to sync the controller to the PlayStation 3. When the PlayStation 3 controller's lights blink, it means the controller is not synced to the PlayStation 3. If it is not synced to the PlayStation 3, it also will not work on the PlayStation 3 until it is synced.

Plug one end of the USB cord that came with the controller into the PlayStation 3. The USB ports are on the front of the PlayStation 3.

Plug the other end of the USB cord into the back of your controller.

Turn your PlayStation 3 on. Allow the PlayStation 3 to completely boot.

Press the "PS" button on the controller. This is the button in the middle of the controller. The blinking red lights will turn to one solid light. This means the controller is synced.

Disconnect the controller from the USB cord.

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