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How to Unlock the Hidden Quests in "Jewel Quest III"

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The levels in "Jewel Quest III" are set in several locations around the world and include silver, hidden and gold quests. The puzzle types differ by region, and one of the challenges is to discover the requirements of the hidden quest, which aren't revealed in advance. You can solve the hidden quests while you're working on the silver quests, or you can return to a region after you've completed the silver quests. You have to complete both the silver and the hidden quests for each area before you can move on to the gold quests.

Create a match of four consecutive horizontal or vertical gold coins in one of the Central America puzzles to solve that region's hidden quest.

Use one warming jewel to melt three blocks of ice to complete the Iceland hidden quest.

Finish one of the South America puzzles in a tie with your opponent to unlock the hidden quest in that area.

Perform the same first three moves as your opponent in Europe in a head-to-head match to solve the region's hidden quest.

Create a horizontal row of five consecutive gold coins to unlock Africa's hidden quest.

Gather 150 silver coins in one puzzle to unlock the Oceania hidden quest.

Complete a puzzle in the North Pacific without allowing more than three white pearls to move off the board to solve the hidden quest in that region.

Finish one of the puzzles in China without allowing a single monkey to fall off the board to solve the final hidden quest.


You can unlock the hidden quest in any one puzzle in a region.

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