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How to Win the Character Bonus on "LEGO Star Wars"

Character bonuses in "LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga" are optional levels that provide additional rewards. Each character bonus challenges you to collect 1 million studs in five minutes or less. Although you do not get to keep the studs at the end of the level, you are rewarded with a gold brick if you beat the timer. There are six character bonuses in "LEGO Star Wars," each in a different location. While beating the bonuses is a matter of skill and timing, there are area-specific tips that can help you achieve your goal.

Blow up containers and defeat enemies to collect all the studs in Theed Palace. Be quick and avoid enemy respawns.

Jump on buckets in Geonosis to pick up large amounts of studs. Although the buckets move slowly, the additional studs gained help you more easily beat the timer.

Work your way to the corners of the Mustafar character bonus to find chests with powerups. Collecting powerups makes for an easier victory.

Use a Bounty Hunter to throw Thermal Detonators onto shiny modules in the Mos Eisley character bonus. The shiny modules contain purple studs, which are worth more than other studs.

Use Boba Fett for the Bespin character bonus. Boba Fett has a jetpack, which is useful for getting around the Cloud City. As before, use Thermal Detonators to blast open modules.

Use Boba Fett again for the final character bonus on Endor. Go to the far left side of the area near the collapsed bridge to collect the most studs.

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