How to Transfer Pyrography Patterns Onto Wood

Pyrography is a form of art in which a design, pattern or picture is burnt into the surface of a piece of wood using a special heated pen set; however, not everyone who enjoys pyrography considers themselves an artist. Many pyrographers use the method of transferring a pattern that they have purchased or modified from a photo onto the wood surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Pattern
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Masking Tape
  • Carbon Paper

Position the carbon paper, placing it so that the center of the paper matches the spot where you would like the center of your finished design to be. The carbon side needs to be placed down so that it is making contact with the wood. If you are unsure which side contains the carbon substance, it should be darker and have a slight gloss to it.

Tape the carbon paper in place. Using the masking tape, place a small piece of tape on each of the four corners of the carbon paper.

Place the pattern directly on top of the carbon paper and tape all four corners.

Trace the pattern. Use the ballpoint pen to trace the pattern. Be sure to place enough pressure on the carbon paper for it to transfer.

Check your transfer. Peel up the tape from two corners and check to make sure that your design has transferred. If it hasn't transferred check to see that the carbon side is face down and touching the wood surface. It is also possible that you did not apply enough pressure while tracing.