How to Throw a Loud Party Legally

Things You'll Need

  • Noise permit from city
  • Security for front door
  • Party supplies
  • Friends to invite
  • House to throw party at

Many people do not know that in order to throw a loud party legally, most cities require that you have a permit. In most cities you will need to have two different permits, a noise permit and a permit for lawful assembly. These simple steps will show you how to throw a loud party legally that the police will not be able to shut down.

Apply for a noise permit from the city. You will have to visit the city courthouse in order to apply for a noise permit. Simply ask for the forms at your local courthouse and make sure to fill them out, submit them and pay the necessary fees.

Make sure you do not need any other permits. While you are at the courthouse make sure that you do not need any other permits to throw a party. Some cities make require that you get a music permit if you plan on having live music. Others may require that you get a lawful assembly permit if you plan on having a lot of people attend.

Wait for the permit to be approved until fully planning the party. Make sure that you have the stamp of approval on your permits and that you have all of the required permits before throwing the party.

Get your party supplies. Head to any store and buy the party supplies of preference.

Hire a security person for the front door. Pay a professional security service to monitor the front door and make sure that they are provided with the permits just in case the police are called.


  • Make sure that you keep the noise permit on hand just in case the police are called to your party. Always be polite to the police and kindly show them the permit. They will not be able to shut down your party if you are following the proper procedures.


  • Never serve alcohol to those who are underage. Make sure that you do not allow underage children into your party unless they are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

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