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How to Sync a Guitar to a PS2

Rhythm-based video games like "Guitar Hero" for the PS2 use special guitar-shaped controllers to simulate a real musical experience. These controllers come in both wired and wireless versions and, while the wired versions connect simply by plugging them into the PS2 console, wireless guitars first need to be synchronized before they can be used.

Insert the receiver for your wireless guitar into the first controller port of your PS2 system. When you turn on the PS2, the red light on the receiver should start flashing.

Turn on your wireless PS2 guitar. The red light on the receiver should stop flashing and turn solid.

Test the connection by pressing a few of the fret buttons on the guitar. Every time you press a button, the red light on the receiver should blink to let you know it is registering.

Load a game that supports the wireless guitar to check if everything works properly. If the guitar doesn't seem to be connected, you might have to try synchronizing it again. Press the "Sync" button located on the receiver, and then turn your guitar off and then on again to synchronize it.


  • Some video games work only with specific guitar peripherals. If you are unable to sync your wireless guitar, check to make sure it is compatible with the game you are playing.
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