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How to Sync a Wireless Guitar to a PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 plays host to a number of rhythm games that make use of guitar controllers, primarily from the "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" titles. These controllers wirelessly interact with the game, but have to be synced for information to travel between them and your PS3. Most guitars feature the same basic sync process and cross-game compatibility.

Syncing Your Guitar

Most wireless guitars for PS3 feature two buttons needed for syncing: A sync mode button located on the USB dongle, and the PS button on the guitar itself. First, you need to connect the dongle to an available USB port, then press the sync button until it enters connection mode. After that, you need to push the PS Button on the guitar to sync. All PS3 guitars use a dongle for connectivity, so you will have to follow this process regardless of the game or guitar.

Feature Compatibility

PS3 guitars -- even third-party ones -- are designed for specific games and are often tailored for any extra features. However, the basic features like the strum bar, whammy bar and fret buttons should all work across the different games. As long as you don't depend on any added features, you can use your favorite guitar for any game.

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