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How to Connect a Wireless Guitar on PS2

Connecting a wireless guitar controller to your PlayStation 2 is quick and easy.
Guitar Hero Afro image by Infs from Fotolia.com

Rhythm-based games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero make use of a guitar-shaped controller that lets even the most musically challenged individuals get a taste of rock-stardom. While these guitars originally connected via a wire to your game console's controller port, wireless controllers are available, giving you more freedom to move without worry of yanking your PlayStation 2 from the wall. Connecting a wireless guitar on the PS2 is easy, taking only a few seconds to complete.

Things You'll Need:

  • Batteries
  • Wireless Receiver (Included With Guitar)
  • Wireless Guitar Controller
  • Playstation 2

Check the wireless guitar's batteries. Without batteries, the guitar won't work or connect to the console. The battery port is usually found on the back side of the guitar behind a small, clip-on door. Most wireless guitars run on AA batteries, but yours may be different. Refer to the user manual or check the battery port itself to determine the batteries you need.

Insert the guitar's wireless receiver into the PlayStation 2's first controller port or second controller port. This designates whether the guitar is assigned to the first or second player in-game.

Power on your PlayStation 2.

Press the connect button located on the wireless receiver. Depending on the brand of guitar you're using, a light may blink on the receiver after the button is pressed.

Press the connect button on the guitar immediately after pressing the button on the receiver. In some cases, the guitar has a designated button to connect to the console. In other cases---for instance, if your guitar lacks a connect button---all you have to do is press any button on the guitar to connect. Your guitar is now synced to your PlayStation 2.


If you have trouble connecting the guitar to the wireless adapter, try starting the game before connecting or inserting fresh batteries into the controller.

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