How to Submit Music to Shazam

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Because of the large volume of requests it receives, Shazam no longer accepts CDs or digital audio files submitted directly from artists. Instead, the company now only accepts music submitted through a registered music distribution service. All requests for inclusion on Shazam must be made by artists or their legal representatives.

How to Submit Music

Shazam only accepts music submitted through registered distribution services such as CD Baby, Believe Digital, Fuga, Consolidated Independent, Ingrooves, The Orchard, Tunecore, Zimbalam and Ditto Music. Once you've signed up with one of these companies, you or your legal representative must then notify that company that you want your music submitted to Shazam. Some companies charge a fee for this service. If you represent a record label with a catalog of more than 500 tracks, you must contact Shazam directly rather than working through a third-party distribution service.

Submitting Lyrics

You can also submit lyrics to Shazam, but only through LyricFind (link in Resources). Shazam reserves the right to refuse to post lyrics that are in conflict with licensing restrictions.