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How to Write a Proposal for a Music Concert

Writing proposals takes time, but it's worth it once you're on the stage.
concert amidst the lights image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Any fledgling band or musician needs to play concerts to develop a fan base and get the music heard. Many festivals and venues require music concert proposals from bands in order to consider hosting their concerts. The goal of these proposals is to inform the concert organizer about the band, its music and its promotion strategy so that the organizer can evaluate whether the concert is likely to be a success. A good proposal will be clear and descriptive, and relate to both the commercial and artistic attributes of the band or musician. Most important, it must be persuasive.

Things You'll Need:

  • Music Sample
  • Promotional Materials
  • Concert Proposal Form (If Applicable)

Obtain a concert proposal form from the music festival or venue you are applying to. Many have ready-made forms that detail exactly what information they're looking for.

Give the basic information such as the name of your act, the contact person and his or her contact information, and your website (if you have one). Note the dates you are available to perform.

Provide a short artist biography, including some of the band's or artist's musical achievements and previous concerts. This should be one or two paragraphs. You want to be descriptive, but relatively objective.

Describe your concert program. Include how many sets you want to play and how long the sets will be. For classical musicians, include which pieces you will be performing, who the composers are, and approximately how long the pieces will last.

Attach a sound file with a sample of the artist's music if the proposal will be submitted by email or online. If the proposal is submitted in hard copy, include a CD.

Describe your ideas for promotion, and mention how you currently promote yourself (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). If you already have promotional materials like posters or photos, you may include them.


Your proposal should be one to two pages in length.

Design and layout are important. Make sure your proposal looks clean and professional.

Check spelling and grammar before submitting your proposal.

Read up on how to write a business proposal; that should give you some good guidelines and tips.


  • Don't be discouraged if your proposal is rejected. The music industry is very competitive and it takes a lot of perseverance to make it. If you decide to modify your proposed program after you have submitted the proposal (changing or adding songs, for example), you should notify the organizer to keep your credibility.
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