How to Start Your Own Handmade Soap Business

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Making handmade soap is a wonderful hobby to have. It is even more rewarding as a business. This article assumes that you have a working knowledge of how to make soap but if you don't take a look in the resource section for great soap making instructional guides. Soap sells and handmade soap sells even more. I have seen bars of soap for as must has $5 a bar. Depending on your cost to make homemade soap you can make a nice profit even if you charged $3-$4 a bar.

Make it all legit. Secure a business license and business cards. Make up professional postcards or fliers that display your product in a favorable way. Have these items on hand to give out when and where ever. Save money by making your business cards double as your label attached with a pretty ribbon on each bar of soap.

Price your product. Calculate your cost to make a batch of soap. Say you get 50 bars from one batch of homemade soap and it cost $20 to make a batch, your cost per bar is 40 cents. Now you have an idea of how much you can profit by charging $3-$4 a bar.

Find places to sell your product. Don't limit yourself to craft fairs, although you can make a nice income. Approach local stores to have them carry your product. You can sell to them wholesale or ask that they carry your line on a consignment basis. Try to get businesses that cater to a natural type of crowd.

Another selling idea is to make up a natural soap baskets that holds your handmade item and other bath stuff like a bath mint, a foot scrubber etc. (These items you can get for pennies wholesale) Approach real estate brokers with the idea of giving all natural soap baskets to their customers at the closing. Their cost for the basket can be added to their bottom line. These baskets will cost you a few dollars to make and you can sell them for $50-$75 depending on how fancy you make them.

Make a website to display your items. Get a PayPal business account for free and make even more money by accepting credit cards easily.